Annette’s art journey is lifelong and continuously evolving. At university having committed to a Degree in English and Canadian Studies, she took every opportunity to take Art History courses as electives. As a self-taught artist working primarily in painting with acrylic and mixed media  she continues to push the boundaries as her art tries to negotiate what occupies the space around us and how we perceive those spaces. Place is something she had to grow into, it is personal and expressive of someone born in one country, raised in another. It reflects her persistence in the face of personal struggles in forging an identity and finding my place in the world to call home. Since memory is subjective she tries to capture the essence of a place by creating ten­sion between rep­re­sen­ta­tional and abstract.

She discovered that outside of its big cities, most of Canada is vast wilderness, absence, untamed, harsh, dark, serene and spiritual and yet, in the midst of it all one finds a cornucopia of brilliant colours in its deep blue waters, its white snowy peaks, and its perfusion of colour as the seasons change, imprinting itself on the subconscious. Her use of bold colours is intentional as it evokes the emotions and attachments to a shared Northern Ideology. And while nature is ever present in her work, the work remains abstract, relying on the viewer to make a connection. 

Sometimes the world she perceives is upside down, but by painting through her emotional state, she navigates and make sense of it by reflecting on the connection of multi-dimensional feelings to her physical space. Her process is organic, starting with a gesture, a choice of colours and the feel of the paint on the canvas. Sometimes that takes her through many twists and turns and ends with beautiful self-discovery that she wishes to share with you! 

Annette E.M. Courtemanche lives and works in the Christie Pits neighbourhood, Toronto, Canada and studied at the University of Toronto. Most work is held privately, and now being exhibited publicly.

You can reach her at emcourtemanche@yahoo.com

Follow on IG @emcourtemanche and https://www.facebook.com/emcourtemanche