Artist Statement

Painting has always been present in my life even as a young child. As a single parent, I had to carve out time to paint while studying, working and raising my family. When life gets crazy or the world seems out of sorts, I reach instinctively towards painting. I need to paint, it is an extension of myself and it is the space I gift myself to explore my emotions, thoughts and anxieties.

As an artist my art continues to evolve and nature and our environment is always a part of how I express myself as my art tries to negotiate what occupies the space around us and how we perceive those spaces. It is also intuitive, personal and expressive of someone born in one country, raised in another. It reflects my persistence in the face of personal struggles in forging an identity and finding my place in the world. Sometimes that world is upside down and by painting through my emotional state I figure out how to make sense of it all.

Exhibits: Roaring Art Gallery (on line exhibit), Slanted Door Art Gallery and Café, Toronto Public Library, Bloor & Gladstone Branch, Various local cafes. Invited to exhibit at the Faculty Club, University of Toronto (after covid-19)

Annette E.M. Courtemanche is an emerging artist who lives and works in the Christie Pits neighbourhood. She studied at the University of Toronto. Most of her work is held privately and she now exhibiting publicly. You can reach her at emcourtemanche@yahoo.com